Have a Safe Trip!: Safety Tips on the Road this Holiday Season

My family and I spend Christmas every year at my husband’s hometown. While it is good to take a vacation and spend some time away from the city, I dread the long travel time and the steep curves that we have to pass through going to their place.

It’s a good thing that my husband is a good driver and has the patience to drive for long hours, and I’m truly grateful that in the 11 years we have been travelling to and from their place every Christmas and summer, we have always been kept safe.

The roads would surely be packed this holiday season with motorists rushing to buy gifts, attend parties and going to their destination to take a Christmas break, so here are a couple of road safety tips and reminders that I’d like to share:

Don’t drink and drive.

Road accidents commonly happen because of people driving under the influence of alcohol. Christmas parties will certainly have wine and other alcoholic drinks, so if you’re driving, try your best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. If you did drink and have had too much for the night, don’t force yourself to drive—sleep over at a friend’s house instead. It’s always safe to drive when you’re sober.

Wear safety gear.

When travelling by car, make sure your seatbelts are always fastened. If you’re riding a motorcycle, make sure you always use motorcycle helmets, like the ones I saw online from shoei a couple of days ago.  Wearing safety gear is always a life saver, so make sure to keep your entire family safe by doing this whenever your travel.

Have someone else with you who know how to drive.

If you’re going on a long drive to spend your Christmas vacation at your relatives’ place (just like we are), it’s best to have someone with you who can take turns in driving so that you won’t feel too exhausted.  If nobody else from your family knows how to drive, just make sure you rest and shut your eyes even for a few minutes, or probably for an hour or so on one of your rest stops, so that you don’t end up sleeping in the middle of driving.

Since it’s just my husband who does the driving, he makes it a point to take a quick nap on one of our rest stops, especially after we eat. I also try to stay awake during the entire trip so that I can keep him company.

Bring the essentials.

It’s best to bring the important stuff with you whenever you go out. Things like extra food, medicine, first-aid kit, etc., will surely be of help during your travel and if you’re stuck in traffic.

Keep your cool.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, vehicles will surely flood the streets this holiday season of people doing their Christmas shopping, buying gifts, and doing some more last minute Christmas shopping, and it just means that wherever you go, traffic will certainly be inevitable. If you need to be somewhere and want to make it on time, make sure you leave an hour or so earlier, so that you won’t feel rushed and eventually end up fuming, fretting and honking over the traffic.

It will also help that if you can do your Christmas shopping early, do it, so that you can avoid the Christmas rush.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so stay safe and be merry this holiday season! :)