Parenting Skills: Art of Parenting during Vacations

Understanding your child’s psychology and mental make-up requires great skills. To know your kid and mould him in a way so that he grows up to be a responsible person is a test of your parenting skills. To be a good friend and a firm mentor to your child at the same time is tough but possible. After all, your child is precious and you are willing to do anything for his best.

Like all other times, the art of parenting your child during vacations is important. Vacations mark freedom from school, homework, exams and tedious daily life for children. Kids are overjoyed at the slightest mention of the word ‘vacation’. Television, fun and frolic, outings, waking up late in the afternoon and what not- lots of planning your child does. Apart from the fun part, vacations are also meant to give your child extra knowledge – other than what he learns in school. Summer camps and other such activities help your child to explore- giving him ample time to discover new things and the world around. It is sometimes difficult to manage the fees for summer camps under your monthly budget. In such case, you can apply for same day loans that are short term loans and very simple to obtain.

Parenting during vacations requires skills. For instance, your child may love a lazy life, but you have to discipline him so that laziness does not overtake him.

Some of the great skills for parenting during vacations are listed below:

1. Know your child’s needs and try to understand him. Try to be a good friend whenever you feel your child is lonely and lost.

2. Share his/her feelings- celebrate little successes and encourage them to try hard and succeed in case of failures.

3. Never deject your kid. Be enthusiastic towards his/her queries.

4. Your child’s enjoyment is multiplied when he finds you enjoying and involved with his activities.

5. Playing with him/her relieves your child from boredom and helps you connect better.

6. A great time to spend quality time with your child during vacations is to watch television and good movies. Movies and programmes should not only be entertaining and fun, but your child should also be able to learn something good from such programmes.

7. Enroll your kid to some good activity courses- dance, music, drama, martial arts, painting, swimming and so on depending on your kid’s interest.

8. Help him/her in projects and other holiday homework.

9. Your child needs some time with you. Make sure that you spend at least one hour daily during weekdays with him/her, if you are a working parent. During weekends, plan outings and picnics.

10. If your child commits any mistake, try to make him/her understand. Rebuking or scolding should be resorted to only in extreme cases.

11. Never overlook your child’s faults. Ask for explanations, if you find him/her committing anything wrong. You need to make him distinguish between what is good and what is bad.

12. Do not compare your child with others. Love your child for the right reason- for what he/she is rather than putting him/her into other’s shoes.

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