Top Tips To Widen and Brighten Your Peepers

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Doe eyes not only make us look more awake, but they make us appear younger too! Whatever the size of your eyes, you too could fake wide and bright peepers, even on those days when you’ve forgone your beauty sleep – makeup, you lifesaver.

Ladies, you don’t need contacts or cosmetic surgery; just these basic tactics to achieve larger eyes:

Tactical Lines

Instead of entering your waterline, always swipe your pencil/brush under your lower lashes. Leaving the waterline bare gives the impression that the whites of your eyes extend further than they really do. Use shimmers to really show off your doe eyes.

Using a dark liner on your upper lashline also helps create that open-eyed look, as it creates an illusory effect, suggesting that your lashes are longer than they actually are. Sneaky, eh? Don’t accidentally leave any skin showing between your eyeliner and your lashline, as this will dispel the effect completely.

Shape Your Eyebrows

By brushing up your eyebrows and creating an arch, you’re opening up the area around the eye and creating an instant lengthening effect. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Even if you have lovely, natural arches, always groom your eyebrows. A few stray hairs will start drawing everyone’s attention downwards, whereas a clean shape will accentuate your eyes.

Understand Colour-Use

When applying your shadow, you should have a good idea about how to shade and tone. Using several colours on your lid creates depth and dimension. Always use a light colour or white pencil at the inner corner of your eyes, swipe your medium tone across your lid, and contour your crease with a darker shade.

Tackle The Peripheral

Apply light concealer around the eye area, as this attracts light, and makes you seem more doe-eyed. It’ll also work to remove any panda circles or uneven tones for a flawless finish.

Tame Your Lashes

Your natural lashes can work against you, when it comes to opening up your eyes. Use an eyelash curler to give them a lift and then apply a few layers of mascara. If you can be bothered with the faff, falsies are up for consideration too.

Go Brighter

Some people find that smoky hues make their eyes appear dramatic, but smaller. Don’t just stick to the same old moody palette and try out different, bright shades instead – this will draw attention to your peepers and attract light, rather than absorb it.

Go ombre and start with a light, colourful shade at the inner corners of your eyes and blend out to the crease with increasingly darker tones.

Use Your Lips As A Tool

You can get away with no eye makeup (including mascara) and still make your peepers pop, just by supporting a daringly colourful shade of lipstick. Remember to go around your optical area with a concealer to cancel out any uneven tones. Perfect for a girl’s night at the cinema, when you’re just looking for some casual glam.

This guest post has been composed by British blogger Zoe for Salons Direct. Click here for hairdressing supplies from some of the leading British salon brands.

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